Secondary Containment

- Reinvented -

The Next Gen Containment System You can Piece Together Yourself.

2C Environment started with the goal of making secondary containments easier and faster to setup and take down. Our U.S. & Canadian Patented Panel design allows infinite configurations and draws it’s strength from gravity combined with a unique locking system. All created from thermally stabilized 100% recycled Polyethylene based products.



The Heaviest Component of the Wall is 21 Lbs.

No Power Tools or Wrenches Required for Assembly.
No Bolts, Pins, Legs or Pads!



Thermally Stabilized for Arctic Cold or Texas Heat
UV Resistant for 20+ Years

Impact Resistant, Rust & Corrosion Proof
Chemical Resistant, No Paint to Scratch or Wear Off



Minimize Transportation Costs & Storage Space

Easily Stored and Transportable

Environmental Friendly

REcycled Poly

100 % Recycled 

100% Recycled Commercial Grade Plastic

shape Friendly

Flexible Configuration

Connect to Create 45, 90, 135 Degree Patterns

Easily run panels in straight lines, curved or around obstacles


Patent Protected

Canadian Green Tech. Patent  # 3,033,434
U.S. Patent # 16/276,062

Secondary Containment Reinvented